Excel 2000 incompatibility with Internet Explorer (MSIE) 7.0

Today I came upon a strange incompatibility: A user with Excel 2000 had upgraded to Internet Explorer 7.0, and when he tried to open a specific XLS file got the message “File Error: Data may have been lost!”

Apparently there is no Microsoft problem registered for this, and not much on the web either (hence this blogpost). Searching the newsgroups however revealed that at least one person has tried to report it to Microsoft, and got the following answer:

“…there’s a general problem with Office 2000 opening workbooks containing shapes or images with underlying hyperlinks on systems which have Internet Explorer 7 installed on it. In such situations, the workbook either raises this error message and opens up showing the pure data without any images, shapes and other contents, or the Excel session crashes.”

See the full posting here

Not many people are likely to hit this particular situation, but if you do, I hope this posting is of value 🙂


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