Are blog ads a bad thing?

No, in my opninion not really. As long as the ad’s stick to the subject, so to speak, I think they’re ok.

I’ve just added an Amazon advertisement of the type they call an Omakase link. It does sound a bit like Kamikaze, doesn’t it, but to according their FAQ it means “leave it up to us”, so that’s what I will use to begin with. The Omakase link should scan the web-site and come up with items that are relevant in the context of my site, and the users preferences. So far, about 10 minutes into the program, I’ve seen it suggest pedometers and Pokémon games, which seems a bit off target, but that is probably just the artificial intelligence engine training, or???

I will also try to make Amazon links whenever I refer to books or other stuff of relevance in the future. I think of this more as a service than advertising.

When I looked at Microsoft Live Spaces it was a completely different matter: I would never allow my blog to uncritically peddle whatever someone else, like Microsoft, seems fit. In their case it is apparently mainly dating services, which are really out of context for this blog. Talking about ill placed advertisements, by the way, Microsoft also recently took some flak in this country for beer advertisements on Messenger, which is of course very widely used by kids!


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