Use Powershell function parameters like Write-Host

It would seem straightforward, but I’ve spent a couple of hours googling and experimenting to solve the riddle, so here is what I found.

What I wanted to do, was to write a Powershell function with parameters that work like the Write-Host commandlet, where you can have both named parameters (ie –BackgroundColor) and a number of other parameters (words) that are not positional parameters but get collected into a string like so:


I my case I wanted a Text-Out function with an optional –Filename parameter where the output could be appended as well as written to the console like this:

Text-Out Lorem ipsum dolor -Filename "e:\test.txt" sit amet

Here is my Text-Outfunction:

function Text-Out

     [string] $filename,
     [string[]] $remainingargs

    Write-Host ([string]::Join(" ", $remainingargs))

    if (-not $filename) {return}

    Add-Content $filename ([string]::Join(" ", $remainingargs))



The first point to note is the CmdletBinding, this is required in order that Powershell does not interpret the first word as a positional parameter, ie sets $filename = Lorem, in case the filename named parameter has been left out.

Second, the Parameter(ValueFromRemainingArguments=$true) ensures that all the words that are neither positional nor name parameters as such get collected into an array of strings.

Third, these words are then joined with the .Net [string]::Join() function. If the separating spaces were not needed, the built in Powershell –join function could be used instead. If Add-Content was just given the $remaingargs array, it would write one line for each word.


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