Switching your IP setting to static with PowerShell


In our Hyper-V test environment we use a mixture of dynamic and static IP addresses. Some servers need to have static IP addresses and in order to facilitate the process of provisioning a new server I wanted to have a script that toggles the current network adapter setting from dynamic (DHCP) to static.

Do remember to mark that IP in the DHCP server as unavailable as well in order not to get IP confilcts…

Write-Host "Switch Current IP configuration to to Static IP"

$wmiip = Get-WmiObject win32_networkadapterconfiguration -filter "DHCPEnabled = 'true' and ipenabled = 'true'"

if ($wmiip)
    Write-Host "Switching..."

    $ipaddress = $wmiip.IPAddress[0] 
    $ipgateway = $wmiip.DefaultIPGateway[0]
    $ipdnsordr = $wmiip.DNSServerSearchOrder

    $wmiip.EnableStatic($ipaddress, "")
    $wmiip.SetGateWays($ipgateway, 1)
    Write-Host "Static already set"

Get-WmiObject win32_networkadapterconfiguration -filter "ipenabled = 'true'"
"DNS              : " + $wmiip.DNSServerSearchOrder

Write-Host "Done..." 


This script was inspired by an article by Scripting Guy


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