Sql Server 2012 – The provider ‘SQLNCLI10’ is not registered.

I have a newly installed Sql Server 2012 set up for testing a Self Service BI concept. This means that the server is running a SQL relational instance and an Analysis Server Tabular instance. Today I added a new Analysis Server instance for running our old OLAP cube for good measure (literally) as well.

To my surprise trying to process the OLAP cube resulted in the above error. Apparently OLAP-mode is still based on the old native ADO provider from 2008R2 – but this doesn’t seem to get installed automatically…

The article here by André Van de Graaf has some information on handling this error in Excel/PowerPivot 2010, and on the Microsoft Office Project Support Weblog a guy named Martin Smith had an article – the link is now dead, so I used Google cache –  the title of which was “New SQL Server–and some different cube building errors”, that also discusses the problem.

The solution, as far as I could work out, was to download and install the 2008R2 provider – the link to the the x64 version is here courtesy of the above mentioned posts.

It’s hard to tell if this is a general problem with SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 or just my particular configuration. It seemed odd that so little information was google’able, but in any case installing the old provider is a way to circumvent the issue that works for me so it might be for you too.

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2 thoughts on “Sql Server 2012 – The provider ‘SQLNCLI10’ is not registered.

    • phejndorf

      Both the Windows and the Sql server are 2012 and deployed directly on the hardware and being 2012 they are both x64. However Management Studio must be 32 bit as it runs inside Visual Studio. The provider that I installed was the x64 version. The odd part was that it was all the standard MS bits…

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