Microsoft Surface Supports My USB Keyboard!

“Denmark is to small a language area to have a national ballet” a danish right wing politician once said.

Unfortunately it is also too small a language area for Microsoft to sell and support the Surface here yet, so I’ve had to import one from Germany. However this means that there is no Danish touch cover keyboard, and working with a German or English keyboard is not really worth the price.

Fortunately one of my bright colleagues had the brilliant idea to just plug in a USB keyboard (remember that the Surface has USB as opposed to the iPad), and lo and behold – tiles lit up with the arrow keys…  It seems to run perfectly and a mousepointer even comes up when attaching a keyboard with a built-in trackpad! Touch is also active at the same time. So as an interim measure I’ll just get a small wireless keyboard/mouse combo and I can use my Surface as a perfect writing tool whenever I need to. The built-in Surface stand also shows its worth here…

That is sooo nice!



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