IndexedDB only works from HTTP/HTTPS site

Just spent a couple of days googling for an answer to why the window.indexedDB returned null in IE 10 and Firefox 16 when testing my HTML. Chrome and old Firefox versions return values (window.webkitIndexedDB and window.mozIndexedDB).

Turns out that access to IndexedDB is not allowed via the file:// protocol for local access. The answer lay in StackOverflow:, referring to and the following note:

“For security reasons, Indexed Database API only works through the http, https, ms-wwa, or ms-wwa-web protocols in Windows Internet Explorer. That is, Internet Explorer doesn’t allow a local HTML page ( file://) to fully execute the Indexed Database API. Instead, the page must be behind a supported protocol such as http:// or https://.”

So, put your test-html on a webserver.

I assume that this will also be the case in Chrome (and Safari) once they finish their implementation of this new HTML5 standard – please, Apple in particular, haul ass!

So for now on to getting a small sample to work in Safari as well with the IndexedDB polyfill.

I also need to do work on synchronization with a backend – we live in interesting times! PouchDB seems one way, this StackOverflow answer seems another path to take, but (simple) samples and libraries seem hard to find.

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