Windows 8: Working with the WordPress App

I like Windows 8 more and more as I play with it.

Though, being the geeky sort, ;I switch to the ;desktop quite often, I think that the new Metro style will be a fresh start to many, many users. A lot of those will probably only rarely leave the crisp, clean Metro world. Good riddance to the desktop metaphor which so many users had a hard time understanding. Good riddance to Windows Explorer.

The Microsoft Surface was a nice surprise as well. An instant object of desire for my 15 year old daughter, she’s put all thoughts of getting an iPad (in addition to her MacBook) on hold. ;For my dad, who’s 81, Windows 8 and the Surface would probably also be a ;easier and less geeky to use than even ;the iPad that I almost made him buy to supplement (and replace over time) his desktop Windows 7 machine.

So, to get back to the headline I’ll ;be trying my hand at ;some Windows 8 Metro development shortly so I’m taking a look at the offerings already in the store, among them the app that I’m using to write this post, to get an impression of the Metro design world. It will hardly be at work my new apps will run, though. With a fair amount of Windows XP’s still in place there (and in many other businesses), ;I expect Windows 8 to be completely driven by the consumer market, whereas businesses will lag behind for a long time to come.

Update. Apparently Microsoft is making an offer that might appeal to even the most backward pointy haired boss: An upgrade to Win 8 at 39 USD according to the Windows team blog, and though it hasn’t got Reversi built in it is, to quote Steve Ballmer, an incredideble value…


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