Virtualizing Windows 8 Developer Preview

It would seem a fairly obvious choice to try out the new, exciting Windows 8 in a virtual environment.

Apparently virtualizing the Windows 8 Developer Preview isn’t so easy, however – at least it doesn’t seem work  in Virtual PC 2007 and VMware Player 3.0.1, but quickly stops with this message:


I’m currently trying with VirtualBox, and at least it’s now brought me to the “Installing Windows” screen – I’ll report back if that works any better. Currently it’s been “pining for the fiords” or whatever for a good while:


Update. I think it was disk formatting that took a while, but here is Windows 8 Developer Preview 32bit in all its glory running in VirtualBox :


I only just got it running, so no testing so far. It seems that VirtualBox is the way to go for the time being.


2 thoughts on “Virtualizing Windows 8 Developer Preview

  1. CT

    I couldn’t even get it that far in VirtualBox – just brought up “you need to restart your screen” blackscreen message 😦
    What settings did you use in VirtualBox? Chose 32-bit version (smaller download) – which one are you using?

    • phejndorf

      As you can see from my update I choose the 32bit version. In VirtualBox I seleceted Windows 7, and then booted from an ISO. I’ve seen some old postings mentioning “ACPI 2.0” support as the underlying problem with VMware and VirtualPC, but I’m out of my depth there. I think that if you’re able to run a Win 7 in VirtualBox, Win 8 should also work…

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