Back from SQLbits 8 in Brighton

I’m just back from SQLbits 8 in Brighton, together with 3 of my colleagues, and it has been an really inspiring, thought provoking, informing and revitalizing experience.

To sum it up I think that my main takeaways were: 1) Storage will shift to solid state, giving us access times that will revolutionize the way we think about data – perhaps to the point of rethinking the relational model! Stuff that used to be on disk moves into memory. 2) Excel will put real analysis power directly in the hands of users with PowerPivot and the Vertipaq engine running BI on the desktop. Completely new scenarios will come here, and learn DAX the sooner the better 3) BI will become mainstream with the integration of Excel, SharePoint and SQL 2012 (Denali).

SQLBits Logo

Day 1 was an all day session, where I chose StreamInsight with Allan Mitchell. This is a very exciting technology for realtime processing of event-data. Just as much a framework as a server technology it seems highly relevant in a world covered in sensors.

Day 2 consisted of various breakout sessions, and I enjoyed the Italian duo of Alberto Ferrari and Marco Russo explaining how DAX (and BISM, Business Intelligence Semantic Model) will definitey be part of my future. Also Gary Short from DevExpress had a great session named “Stopping devs from shooting themselves in the foot with their ORM” – but it was more than that, trying to look beyond RDBM’s and OO…

Day 3, the community day, also had some highly relevant presentations from the very high level of distributing BI analysis models in Excel via SharePoint (Jess Meats  aka. Geeky Girl, from MS UK), to Klaus Aschenbrenner’s very cool, very low level SQL internals talk – that guy really knows his MDF-files!

Then of course there was the great fellowship in meeting so many other IT and BI devs plus DBA’s. This was a great conference!

Do check out the videos at the SQL bits web site here.

The venue was sunny Brighton at the “Grand” – a very British kind of place in all its Victorian splendour, right at the seaside  Smiley



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