First Windows Phone 7 app on Marketplace

Finally I got my first Windows Phone 7 app, “DLBRnews”, on marketplace today. It’s been a fairly long way, especially struggling with my developer registration on Microsofts AppHub, as the first two attempts were thwarted by obscure technical problems at Microsoft and/or GeoTrust. The support experience was ok, but shouldn’t have been necessary in the first place.

It’s really a shame that it has to be so difficult both getting to develop apps (particularly paid ones) and to purchase apps for the phone if you live outside the big language areas.

However on a more positive note my first attempt to publish the app revealed that Microsoft actually have real testers testing the applications – apps are not let through blindly, and this impressed me quite a bit: good value for 99$!

The app is a newsreader specifically geared towards the needs and feeds of my employer, the Danish Agricultural Advisory Service, and is intended as a demo and teaser to what a real WP7 app can be like, as opposed to the more limited possibilities of the mobile web.

There’s a short video of it available here.



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