Getting rid of ‘View only web page content that was delivered securely’

I just got this on one of my companys MOSS sites:


I know it is important that I know – I can also accept the rationale behind the message, so I’m fully aware that it is for my own good.

But I just HATE the medicine, and it’s really awful that I can’t choose to ignore this for specific sites.

Going on the web is – as leaving the securituy of your house – always a calculated risk, and as usual what happens when security simply gets too annoying (perceived possible risk is less than perceived possible cost) it is ignored.

So now I’m going to turn it off as described here:

  • In IE go to Tools->Internet Options->Security
  • Select the ‘Security’ tab
  • Click the ‘Custom Level’ button
  • In the ’Miscellaneous’ section change “Display mixed content” to Enable

    Lesson learnt: When security gets too much in the way, users will just ignore it – just like sensible birds eventually ignore the scarecrow, and proceed on their business, eating the farmers seeds…

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