How much disk space do you need for your old DV tapes?

Before all this new SD card-recording and  MPEG-4 came along, you’ve probably used DV tapes for your videos. But how much space are your old tapes going to take on that brand new NAS you’ve installed, before you have them all edited and possibly rerendered? It would definitely be a good idea to do before the tapes deteriorate or get obsolete.

Well, DV has a fixed compression factor, meaning that it will use3.6 megabytes of disk space per second. This turns into somewhere around 12.7 gigabytes per 60 minutes – the usual tape size. So 1 TB should fit around 78 tapes – which should be enough for everyone (or was that a bad quote?).

Here’s a graphic to help with the calculation:


With today’s disk prices, I would recommend that you avoid re-rendering even final edits and possibly loose on quality, but instead just store edits and tapes as-is in DV as the least lossy format – or am I just old fashioned?