Getting in trouble with Enterprise Library 3.0 – Strong Name confusion

I just got myself into trouble with the Logging Quickstart sample.

Not being content with the Winform app, I wanted to use it as a basis for a very simple console app, just logging a simple “Hello world” entry so I could play with the rather complex configuration setting. I copied the app.config from the Microsoft sample over to my own, referenced the EL projects, and all went fine, until I tried using the Enterprise Library Configuration application – then, boom! Errors all over, trying to load the Logging.DLL.

Well, looking behind the curtains it became clear that the configuration program inserts references to strongly named assemblies that reside in the installation folder for Enterprise Library, but the source projects in the QuickStart do not have strong names. The quick answer was, of course, to reference the assemblies directly from the installation directory instead of using the source projects.

Strong Naming has apparently long been a problem with Enterprise Library, so the Patterns & Practices team have listened what was said about version 2.0 and changed the way that Enterprise Library modules are installed. This is somewhat of a caveat to look out for. You might even want to read the documentation on this before starting out – it is probably already in there somewhere 🙂

Update: Tom Hollander has now posted about this in detail on his blog.


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