Strange problem with XDrive

XDrive is really cool, with 5 gigs of free storage (and 50 gigs @ 10 USD a month) and the ability to use both a web-frontend and and integrated driver that lets you simply access the storage space via a drive letter. I’m in a perpetual state of panic about my digital photographs, carrying them around on several types of media, including DVD’s in a bank-vault, so XDrive seems like a really fine additional solution, though 120 USD could also buy you an extra hard drive every year.

Happily I installed everything on my workmachine, as well as my home-PC, and all seemed fine. That is, until I wanted to make a network connection to one particular set of IP-adresses at work! I haven’t figured out what was wrong, but when XDrive (and its loopback adapter) was uninstalled all was hunky dory again. Here is what i looked like: We have several IP nets here (for some reason they are class A nets, used like class C nets), so my machine is mmm.nnn.6.81. There are several server nets, but in this case I’ll mention 2:* and mmm.ppp.1.* – I could map servers on one of the nets, but not the other. Connection to both nets worked fine on other ports than the windows networking, so probably XDrive adds some fancy routing, that can get you into trouble sometimes.

I’l post more here if and when I find a solution.


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