Tech Ed '06

barcelona003.jpgIn November I got the chance to go to Microsoft Tech Ed ’06 in Barcelona, and what an experience that was. It was not only the deeply technical nature of it, with all the new stuff pumping out many hours a day. It was also the realization what changes are really happening these days, both in software architecture, developer tools, methodologies etc etc.

I won’t delve into the details now, 6 months later, as a lot may already be old hat, but it is funny how I think of stuff from those 4 days every single day in my work.

I think I can say that Tech Ed changed my view and appreciation of the business of software development more rapidly than the past 5 years combined.

Where the nineties saw the maturing of the PC, and the birth of the internet, this was like the maturing of the internet and – in a sense – the return to software, people and processes. The first ten years of the internet it grew wild, but now we are beginning to tame the beast and realize its value in a much more tangible way. One might also say that it is a return to some of the old values, but with a whole lot of innovation built in.

I’m not sure how hard it will be to persuade my boss to let me go again this year – I really wish for some of my co-workers to have the same experience – but I sure would like to go!


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