Podcast Time!

What to do when driving in your car, mowing the lawn, cleaning the house and all the other things that leave spare brain-cycles available? Well, since nobodys invented SETI for brains (yet), my answer is: strap on any old MP3 device and listen to one of the really interesting tech podcasts available.

My personal, absolute #1 favourite is the Scott Hanselman/Carl Franklin combo Hanselminutes. This podcast combines very varied, very interesting content for developers, good sound quality and a good dialogue format which makes listening almost like talking to a very clever colleague.

The Ron Jacobs Arcast is more for the Architect, and a not so much on the detail, but there have been some pretty interesting shows here (though I could do without the hip style and artificial applause). Carl Franklin is also the guy behind the DotNetRocks series, but these shows are, to put it mildly, a lot less to the point than Hanselminutes. At times we even have to get the MS Campus gossip, but then again you can just skip that.

My favourite portable listening device is an elderly HP Ipaq 1900 – this device has the distinct advantage that you can fast-forward very quickly with the pen. If you want to come back to the middle of a 1 hour show, it’s so much easier to just point at where you wat to start, than to keep the fast forward button on an MP3 player pressed for a an infinity of seconds. Strange that the Ipod or some such device doesn’t feature a touch screen. Heck, even a Nintendo DS has one.

For the car I just got a new, inexpensive radio that will play both CD and USB and SD-cards. With the price on SD being next to nothing these days this is my favourite, as my portable also has an SD slot, thus making the update very easy.

So, folks, grab yourself some of the really interesting, inspiring, instructive podcasts and make good use of that time spent (no, I didn’t say wasted) on the daily chores.


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