The story of Mel…

Having had the Persistent Weblog on my to-do list for over a year, I’m back in the blogosphere, hopefully with stuff that might interest those who happen to come by.

To start with, let me quote from a story that, true or not, is a really fascinating read: The story of Mel. It contains one of my favourite quotes:

“I have often felt that programming is an art form, whose real value can only be appreciated by another versed in the same arcane art; there are lovely gems and brilliant coups hidden from human view and admiration, sometimes forever, by the very nature of the process. You can learn a lot about an individual just by reading through his code, even in hexadecimal.”

Even with the advent of OO, patterns, code generators, pair programming, reviews and all the other innovations, this still holds true in my opinion. I still think that many solutions bear some heavy fingerprints of their authors individual style, or, as Bernoulli remarked of a mathematical solution Isaac Newton produced anonymously, “tanquam ex ungue leonem” (we know the lion by his claw).


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