Slideshow with Windows Media

Googling around a bit, I found out how to create slideshows in Windows Mediaplayer – it may be old hat to you, but new to me 🙂 It stil seems a bit like a poor mans SMIL (scripting in Real Media), but lets you do playlists with still images ,movie, audio, ad-insertion (could be a useful message instead), and that all important feature: your own miniature logo.

The solution is to control the player with a Windows Media Metafile – simply an XML-file as described in a pretty informative article here. There’s also some interaction with media events, which can be fired from a mediafile, but I never did climb very high up the fairly steep learning curve. Maybe one day I’ll get into some real mountaineering gear, and get a little higher up that mountain. The high-tech approach would probably be to use Flash, but that is yet another mountain I’ve got on the to-do list. One could of course easily do some server-side generation of this XML metafile, which could open up for some pretty interesting personalization features.

Note: When you display JPG’s, remember to first downsize them to one of the usual video-sizes, as Media Player doesn’t do this for you.


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